Photos: EWA Father’s Day Naneum 4×4 Run

Eastern Washington Adventures
Father’s Day 4×4 Run & Camp Out
at the Naneum Ridge State Forest

Report and photos by Clay Graham /

On Friday June 13th, 2014 we met up at a campsite off of Dawson Cutoff Road for the Eastern Washington Adventures ORV Camp Out. On this run we only had three Jeeps which gave us the option to run pavement so we modified the Saturday’s run.

Saturday morning we headed out with two JKs (Guido & myself) and a TJ (TJ40). We started off going up Dawson Road, west onto Boulder Road, across Naneum Creek Bridge and stopped at a campsite off of Dot Creek Road of a break.

Next we headed back across the Naneum Creek Bridge and headed up Naneum Basin Road toward Grouse Spring. Some where along the way a Green Dot Marker was missing so we ended up looping back. We did get to see two big herds of elk in that area.

Back down Naneum Basin Road we turned up Swift Creek Road and then up the first Green Dot Road that took you to the top of the Naneum Ridge. Once on the top of Naneum Ridge we headed west toward Wenatchee Mountain. We did not get to far before we ran into a tall snow drift. We were able to get on top of it to keep going. I got stuck coming off of the other side of the snow drift since someone before us made some deep ruts. It looks as they were trying to get on top and did not make it.

Once we got off the first snow drift we moved on up the ridge hitting a smaller deep snow mound near the first tower. It wasn’t to bad to get over. As the road headed into the trees there was a deep snow going in each direction. The snow was rolling hills within the trees with 12 foot or more drop offs. We turned around at that point and took a lunch break looking down at Ellensburg. From where we were you could see the top of the Mission Ridge ski lift.

After lunch we headed out by the way of Naneum Ridge Road. Wow that was some very fun snow wheeling. The snow drifts along the way were hug. I had to winch out the last section due to some big tire ruts. After we were out of the snow we ran Naneum Ridge Road to Colockum Road where we took a break.

After the break we headed south on Colockum Road with a quick stop at the Halfway Station Colockum Pass marker. At the power lines we ran Powerline Road and then onto Brewton Road. We ran Brewton Road all the way to the end onto Tekison Road and out to West Bar at the Columbia River across from Crescent Bar Recreational Area. We took a break and walked the beach along the Columbia River.

After a break at the Columbia River we back turning up Brushy Road. We ran all the way back up to Colockum Road and down to Kittitas Valley. We ran a little pavement and then headed back up to camp off Dawson Road.

At camp we had a great potluck dinner and then stories around the propane campfire.

Sunday morning we packed up camp. Guido and TJ40 took a short run up the roads as we took down our tent and pop-up. We all headed for home before noon.

On my way back home through the Yakima River Canyon and big inflatable raft came off the top of a Ford Explorer and fell right in front of my Yukon XL. Since my Yukon XL was pulling my trailer with my JK on it, I could not swerve to miss the raft. I ran right onto the raft which lifted the front of the rig off the pavement making it hard to get stopped. A little scary at 40 MPH. The raft finely popped and I was able to slow down enough to pull into Big Pines Campground. The owners of the raft came and unwrapped the remains from under my rig and off the front right tire.

This was a very fun Father’s Day event.

Here are some photos of the Eastern Washington Adventures Father’s Day ORV Camp Out at Naneum Ridge State Forest:

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