Photos: LSOC Oak Creek Wildlife Area Trip

Liberty State Overland Club
Oak Creek Wildlife Area Trip
By Clay & Doc Graham /

On Saturday, June 13th 2020, Liberty State Overland Club members met up at Oak Creek Ace Hardware in Naches. A little after 10 AM we convoyed to the Nile and aired down at FS1500 and Meloy Canyon Road.

After airing down we headed up Meloy Canyon. A few miles up, Reese’s ZJ blow a coolant hose. He got it fixed and we went up another couple miles then it over headed. We decided to take it back down to the parking area. I left Odo with Jason and went to the parking are with Reese following. Reese and Doc jumped in the YJ with me and Shelby, then we were on our way again.

Up on top of Bethel Ridge we stopped for a short break. The dogs needed to run. As we drove on up the trail, the weather cooled down farther we went. We cross onto Forest Service land. We stopped for another break at a view of Table Mountain.

We moved on up the trail until we came across some big mud holes. The mud kept sucking rigs in as they tried to stay on solid ground. Only two of the five rigs made it through without getting stuck. Once through the mud areas, we stopped for a break overlooking Rimrock Lake. The view of the Rimrock Area and looking down toward the Yakima Valley was great.

We headed on down to FS1500 and took it back across to pick up Reese’s ZJ. Once back at FS1500 and Meloy Canyon Road, we aired up for home. Everyone headed out their own way accept Reese’s rig and mine. We had to stop at the Wood Shed because Reese’s ZJ was getting hot. We gutted the thermostat and then add coolant and water Reese bought at The Wood Shed. We were good to go and made it back to Selah without any problem.

This was another great day with family and friends.

Here are some photos of the Liberty State Overland Club Oak Creek Wildlife Area Trip:

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