Photos: Selah Cruise Night – June 6 2020

Selah Cruise Night
By Clay, Odo & Doc Graham /

On Saturday, June 6 2020, Charlie, Doc and I took a Jeep ride downtown Selah around 5 pm to join the cruise night fun. Coming through town there were a few cool cars here and there. We parked at the Red Rooster and took photos of the cars coming into town.

Around 6 PM the wind picked up and it got cold. We headed home and put the doors on the Jeep. Doc was frozen from riding in the back so he stayed home. Odo took his seat and became the camera man. We headed back to town. By the time we got back to town, the weather was good again. We drove though a few parking lots to check out the cars. We stopped to see some friends at the Civic Center for a few before heading back to the Red Rooster.

Down at the Red Rooster we had a lot of friends show up. I even got to see some people I had not seen in a long time. We stayed until after sundown and headed home when it got cold.

Here are some photos of early Selah Cruise Night:

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