Time spent in Germany in the U.S. Army

Hello. I am the co-owner of Selah Sausage. I ran across this old report I did years back, on one of my other web sites that does not work any longer. I thought I would share photos of my time in Germany with you.

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Time spent in Germany in the U.S. Army
By Clay Graham

I spent 4 years (1982-1986) in the U.S. Army. My MOS was 63B (Light Wheel Vehicle & Generator Mechanic). I worked TAMMS/PLL part of that time in the Engineers Section and later the Motor Pool.

Over three of the years I was stationed at Mc Pheeters Barracks in Bad Hersfeld Germany in “B Btry 2nd Battalion 2nd Air Defense Artillery Brigade (B 2/2 ADA)” which watched over the East German boarder. The Tac-site was on the top of a mountain in Schwarzenborn, Germany ( 50.927093, 9.499215 ). My unit was deactivated in 1986 since the Hawk Air Defense System was replaced with the Patriot.

Here are some photos of my time in Germany:


Mc Pheeters Barracks Bad Hersfeld Germany

Mc Pheeters Barracks Bad Hersfeld Germany

Clayton Graham

Edward Dean took this photo of me from our barracks.

Hawk Missiles

Hawk Missiles

Burg Herzberg

Castle Burg Herzberg


Head Start German speaking class on the Castle Burg Herzberg tour.

West Germany

West Germany

My first trip to the field to play Army.

Time spent in Germany in the U.S. Army 1

Hawk missile loader

Hawk missile loader.

Bad Hersfeld

Downtown Bad Hersfeld.

East Germans

East Germans on the other side of the river.

East German boarder

East German boarder

East German Guard Tower

East German Guard Tower

East Germany

East Germany

Mc Pheeters Barracks

Mc Pheeters Barracks Bad Hersfeld Germany

Mike Hayhurst Rodeo Clown

US Army Rodeo in Bad Hersfeld Germany. My high school friend Mike Hayhurst was working the rodeo.

Bad Hersfeld Germany

Bad Hersfeld Germany

Bad Hersfeld Germany

PFC Graham

PFC Graham (me)

PFC Graham

Hawk missiles

Reforger Germany 1983 – Hawk missiles in the field.

M35A2 Deuce and a Half

Reforger Germany 1983 – PFC Graham (me) with his M35A2 Deuce and a Half.

Mike McKinney

Reforger Germany 1983 – Sp4 Mike McKinney working on the little generators.

Army generators

Reforger Germany 1983 – PFC Graham (me) & SP4 McKinney working on a 3K generators.

SSG St. Ours

Reforger Germany 1983 – Our section Sergeant, SSG St. Ours.

Reforger Germany 1983

Reforger Germany 1983 – Moving out to another field.

Schlitz, Germany

Reforger Germany 1983 – PFC Graham (me) outside of Schlitz, Germany.

US Army

Reforger Germany 1983 – PFC Graham (me) driving his M35A2.


Our home on the Tac Site, the Engineers hooch.

60K generator

The Generators we worked on.

Time spent in Germany in the U.S. Army 2

3K generator

1.5K generator

VW 412

Sp4 Graham (me) stuck backroad driving in my first car in Germany.

Bad Hersfeld

1984 Easter Army Picnic in Bad Hersfeld. SGT Graham (me) and girl friend Doris.

VW Golf

My German VW Golf.

Obergeis, Germany

Me and my friend Hans. Hans was my landlord in Obergeis, Germany.

Obergeis, Germany

My house-mates in Obergeis, Germany.

Bruce Worstell & Clay Graham

Army buddies.

Obergeis, Germany

My U.S. VW Rabbit project.

Chevy Monte Carlo

My Monte Carlo I bought from another GI.

OD uniform

It was a sad day when we were ordered not to wear the OD Uniforms. The BDUs were hot in the summer.

Obergeis, Germany

Me back from the field!

Obergeis, Germany

My brand new truck when I was in the Motor Pool as a parts clerk.

Opel Ascona

Stuck backroad driving in my Opel Ascona on Christmas eve 1985.

Halt sign

Not a good sign to see as you come out of the wood off a back-road.

Christmas tree candles

My girlfriend Elka’s mom had lite candles on the Christmas Tree.

Opel Ascona

My Opel Ascona got stuck heading to the Tac-site.

Opel Ascona

They ripped my tow point off my car trying to get me out. I was stuck good!

Opel Ascona

Me and my Opel Ascona.

Eugene St. Ours

SSG Eugene St. Ours fueling up in Bad Hersfeld to take me to the airport to leave the Army.

Bad Hersfeld

Bad Hersfeld

The last photo I took in Bad Hersfeld.

For more photos please check out our unit Facebook page.


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