Yakima Souvenir Spoons at Selah Sweets!

Yakima souvenir spoons!

Yakima Souvenir Spoon

Yakima Souvenir Spoon

Yakima Souvenir Spoons

Yakima Souvenir Spoons

We have Yakima souvenir spoons at
Selah Sweets Souvenir Shop!

Collecting souvenir spoons has been a popular hobby for many Americans since the late 1800s when this European fad swept the nation.

When I was in the US Army traveling around the world, I collected souvenir spoons for my best friend’s grandmother. Most souvenir shops had them in the 80s. I thought as a souvenir shop, we also should have souvenir spoons for visitors that come to our great Yakima area.
Clay Graham – Selah Sweets Co-owner

Selah Sweets
3250 Selah Loop Road, Selah, WA 98942

Most custom snack orders done within 48 hour notice.
Serving Yakima Valley shaved ice all year long!


Eastern Washington Adventures

Selah Sweets - Eastern Washing AdventuresSelah Sweets
Shaved ice, Fudge, Souvenirs, and custom ordered snacks.
Inside and outside seating at the shop. Off site catering.

Eastern Washington Adventures
is an Outdoor Recreation Information Center that holds many free events.

Selah SweetsEastern Washington Adventures


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